So you (don’t?) want to create a #MOOC?

Posted on Sep 14, 2015

Over the past month or so, I have been creating a MOOC entitled “How to create an Outstanding MOOC”.

I’ve been considering contacting the previous L&D teams I’ve worked in to market the MOOC…. however something was niggling me…..

Thought I’d record a video to ‘de-niggle’…

If you’d like to find out more about the MOOC/register, here’s where you can

How To Create An Outstanding MOOC

So back to my ‘niggle’, what do you think?

Would the team you’re in ever be required to design or deliver a MOOC, or would are the ‘Massive’ and ‘Open’ parts irrelevant to them?

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  1. Great video Craig. Good luck with the course!


  1. Outstanding MOOC! Just about to start… | Lightbulb Moment - […] Taylor works for Curatr and recorded a video blog about the average L&D team member not being interested in…

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