#OutstandingMOOC Wk 2 – A facilitator’s perspective

Posted on Oct 5, 2015

In my role as a Solutions Architect for HT2 Learning, I’ve recently been involved in co-facilitating this MOOC.

Here’s my reflection from facilitating Week 2

Whadd’ya think?

Does a relatively short-term community such as a MOOC, need a ‘kick start’ to the conversation or can it be relied upon to ‘self start’?

What variables might be involved?

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  1. I’m enjoying your reflections. I’d think about the experience as a social one, like a party. What do you need to get things going? The important thing in social settings is that you the facilitator/L&D professional are not in control of what happens. it is the people in the party, or on the MOOC, who determine who does what, who says, who goes. They know if they have had a good time or not (or have found it useful). So what does that mean for the facilitator? That’s a good question and where L&D needs to be finding out more.

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