#LTMOOC16 Level 1 – A Facilitator’s Perspective

Posted on Feb 4, 2016

In my role as a Solutions Architect for HT2 Learning, I’ve recently been involved in co-facilitating this MOOC.

Here’s my reflection from facilitating Level 1.

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  1. I agree that it’s a surprise the webcam feature hasn’t really been used. I think your use of videos to reflect on each month’s topic is a good example of how easy a talking head video can (be made to) look. I also agree that there will be a range of reasons why people haven’t tried the webcam. For example, it’s easier to write a comment in a noisy environment, sitting on the sofa, or while cooking dinner.

    I often get the impression that recording a video is quite daunting for some people. Creating a video can seem a bit more involved, and requires a certain level of openness. It invites viewers to see a little bit of your world and your wallpaper, as well as how you look, sound and what you wear. It offers a range of variables on which we can be judged. Yet conversely, these variables could create connections with the viewers that writing would never evoke.

    I really hope participants aren’t focusing on ‘the least they can do’ but instead maybe just need a little nudge towards the video option. I will try and make time to use in future modules.

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