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A novel approach to compliance briefings

There are fewer things more boring to regular flyers than a pre-flight safety brief.

Here’s one lady who thought and acted differently – just look at the attention that her approach captures…

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‘Forgetting’ research

In this post, I explain how I used research into the subject of ‘forgetting’ to help shift stakeholders expectations around a ‘sheep dip’ programme.

Whilst I was successful, I may have missed some important research….

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My review of the #Encore #mlearning app

Following attendance at a recent Kineo event, I’ve been trialling a novel approach to combating the much touted ‘Forgetting Curve’ using mobile devices as the delivery mechanism…

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Research? Science? or something more wooly?

I’ve recently been doing some research into ‘higher end’ video equipment as well as the underpinning knowledge and skillset required to use it.

That’s why I was quite excited to see this tweet appear in my timeline…

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When it comes to DIY I know my limits.

I am very happy to leave to some work to other people

Of course the reliability of the ‘somebody else’ is always an area of risk, which is why I have been using

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