Virtual Learning Show 2013 – Day 1

I’m participating in the 2013 2-day Virtual Learning Show, both as a panel chair and as a participant. Here’s my review of Day 1…

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What Learners Want – Part 4 – The ‘momentum’

We accepted that despite our best efforts to promote the survey that it would inevitably be ‘lost’, ‘missed’ or just ‘forgotten about’ by many people, so we needed a plan to maintain the momentum of the marketing campaign.

Here’s that cunning plan…

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What Learners Want – Part 3 – The ‘marketing’

With the questions that would be included in our Learner Survey finalised, this 3rd post within the series describes the marketing and engagement campaign that took place up to and including the launch of the survey…

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What Learners Want – Part 2 – The ‘questions’

Having decided to undertake a Learner Survey within my organisation, this second part of the blog series examines the rational behind the questions contained in the survey…

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Regular readers will know that I’m an advocate of maximising the technologies that we already have at our disposal, I’ve evenĀ facilitatedĀ some online and f2f sessions around this subject in which I encouraged people to look under the bonnet of the tools and platforms that they already had. One of the tools whose ‘hidden functionality‘ I’ve discussed in the past is Flickr’s ability for people to be able to add ‘hotspots’ to images and then add text to those hotspots, here’s an example. Whilst this is a great idea, the fact that you have to...

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Intranet scoping

Regular readers of my blog and social media followers will know that I’m not a huge fan of click-next, self-paced eLearning. Sure, there’s a time to wrap the whole learning experience up in a SCORM object, bury it deep within a Learning Management System and track the bejesus out of everything. (When I say everything, of course I’m not actually referring to whether the learner has been able to synthesise the content and has an ability to recreate it in the real world and the subsequent business impact, I’m actualy talking out who did it, when they did it, what score...

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