My review of the #Encore #mlearning app

Following attendance at a recent Kineo event, I’ve been trialling a novel approach to combating the much touted ‘Forgetting Curve’ using mobile devices as the delivery mechanism…

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What’s in a name? – Your Help Needed!

I’m looking for a name for an LMS that I am in the process of delivering for the organisation I am contracting with.

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From Compliance Course to Campaign Part 4 – The Campaign!

In this post I take a look at the ‘concept’ that I worked with our external vendor to create.

The concept was shown to a number of stakeholders and received fantastic feedback.

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What no ‘elearning’?

Despite me previously having the title of Learning Technologies Manager and the organisation generally defining ‘elearning’ as ‘click next, self-paced’ modules I was able to utilise a range of methods and media to meet needs that had previously been meet via traditional eLearning and physical classroom activity…

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From Compliance Course To Campaign, Part 1 – The Background

There’s been a great desk of chatter recently about compliance training. Actually, maybe it’s no more than usual, perhaps I’m just sensitive to it at the moment.

Here’s why…

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What Learners Want – Part 2 – The ‘questions’

Having decided to undertake a Learner Survey within my organisation, this second part of the blog series examines the rational behind the questions contained in the survey…

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