How to gamify your marketing using the 6 Cs framework #gamification #ContentStrategy

My keenness to break out of the ‘L&D bubble’ that many of us exist in and look outside of our industry for new ideas, practices and tools has led me to attend this event….

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#ContentStrategy #MOOC Wk 2 – Social Networks

As I continue the 2nd of my MOOCs on Content Strategy, we look at ‘social’….

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#ContentStrategy #MOOC – Expanding Your Contents Impact & Reach – Wk 1

I’ve recently taken a keen interest in ‘Content Marketing’ and how L&D might be able to tap into this.

Having recently completed a MOOC on this subject, I decided to take it to the next level….

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#ContentStrategy #MOOC – Project Assignment

The Content Strategy MOOC is now formally over, however I thought you might find it worthwhile to see my project assignment submission….

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#ContentStrategy #MOOC – Week 5

In this 5th week of the Content Strategy MOOC I’m undertaking we take a look at social and mobile.

Maslow also pops up with an interesting idea I’d never contemplated…

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#ContentStrategy #MOOC Week 3

I’ve been undertaking a Massive Open Online Course on the subject of Content Strategy.

I’ve just finished Week 3 in which we looked at ‘Experiences and Voice’…

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