Challenge One – #LearningLive Inspire session #mlearning

During my ‘Inspire’ session at Learning Live, I set two challenges which were designed to help recalibrate people’s definition of mobile learning and also provide them with an opportunity to demonstrate a ‘quick win’ after attending the conference.

Here’s the first challenge…

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#LearningLive Inspire session – Mobile Learning

Earlier this week I spoke at the LearningLive conference in London.

In order to help ‘spread the love’, my next few posts will include some of the examples and challenges that I used in that session.

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Week 1 recap of #GoogleMedia #MOOC

We’ve just come to the end of Week 1 so I thought it would be a logical time to post my reflections of the ‘Understanding Media by Understanding Google’ MOOC…

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My review of the #Encore #mlearning app

Following attendance at a recent Kineo event, I’ve been trialling a novel approach to combating the much touted ‘Forgetting Curve’ using mobile devices as the delivery mechanism…

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Research? Science? or something more wooly?

I’ve recently been doing some research into ‘higher end’ video equipment as well as the underpinning knowledge and skillset required to use it.

That’s why I was quite excited to see this tweet appear in my timeline…

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Get your foot in the door – Delay Repay

Do you or any of your colleagues travel by train?

Are you looking for a way to prove the value of mobile devices/sites whilst putting a few quid in your or your colleagues pocket?

Read on…

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