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Podcast #26: One month on…

Craig chats with Bianca Woods about what they took away from Devlearn 12, but more importantly what they’ve been able to implement back in their organisations in the 6 weeks since Devlearn concluded.

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Podcast #25: Books and ebooks Part 2

Craig is joined by @zakmensah for the second in a series of podcasts in which Zak helps to make sense of the whole ebooks subject.

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Podcast #24: Books and ebooks

Craig is joined by @zakmensah for the first in a series of podcasts in which Zak helps to make sense of the whole ebooks subject.

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Podcasting pain…

… is what I’ve been experiencing this weekend. I’ve just spent the best part of 24 hours, hunting for a WordPress HTML5 audio player, wrestling with its incompatibility with the Jetpack WordPress plugin and then finally trawling my way through my blog history converting my audio player from Flash to HTML5 for all 23 podcasts to date. Admittedly when I first started blogging and podcasting, the whole Flash Vs HTML5 debate either didn’t exist, or it was very much in its infancy, either way I have to admit that I didn’t really know what the hell it was all about,...

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Podcast #23: Back to basics

Craig is joined by Lilian Soon for a chat about how we can better utilise than often overlooked tool of text messaging in order to enhance and enrich our learning programmes – and maybe even help our administrators out?

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Recording your Skype calls

A couple of days ago I received a tweet from Di Dawson asking if I had screenshots or video files from any virtual classroom sessions that I had previously facilitated for a programme that she was putting together. My unfortunate answer was “no” as I have admittedly been shortsighted in my use of them in the past and had never anticipated needing to ‘capture’ the session itself as a resource in its own right. (of course I captured sessions using the Blackboard Collaborate tool that I had access to whilst working at URENCO, but I no longer have access to those). Not...

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