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My review of #LearningLive 2013 Day 2

Whilst I was directly involved as a speaker on Day 2 of Learning Live, I also attended as a participant throughout the 2 day event.

Here are my key takeaways from Day 2 and slides from my own session…

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‘Fixing’ compliance training at #LearningLive

I’ve been fortunate to secure a speaking slot at this years Learning Live event.

Speakers have been encouraged to promote their session via Social Media.

Here’s what I’ve created…

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Some simple ideas on how to redesign the conference experience

Yesterday I became involved in a Twitter conversation around the ‘rethinking/redesigning’ of the conference experience.

Here are my thoughts on the subject…

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Virtual Learning Show Day 2

I recently attended Day 1 of a 2-day Virtual Learning Show. I thought I’d take the opportunity to post some reflections on Day 2 and in particular each session, with a particular focus on: A key ‘take-away’ from the sessions content itself The way in which it was facilitated (in part or in whole) with a view to what can I re-use/build upon for myself. Overall view on undertaking essentially a day’s worth of webinar/virtual classrooms. Welcome & Recap on Day 1  Presented by Colin Steed 10.45 – 11.00 GMT (UK time) Conference organiser Colin Steed will recap on the lessons learned on Day 1 (29th November) and outline the highlights of the exciting presentations that are scheduled for today. My key content take-away Forget about trying to ‘influence upwards’ when it comes up to implementing virtual classrooms / webinars. Instead, look around the business for problems that are occurring for which webinars can provide a solution (this approach is effective for internal projects, particularly those with a   Converting Your Classroom Courses to the Virtual Environment  Presented by Cindy Huggett 11.00 – 12.00 GMT (UK time) Organizations are increasingly moving from instructor-led classroom training to the synchronous virtual classroom.  Whether you have already started to convert your face-to-face classes, or just beginning the process, this session will help you design for success! In this session, you will learn that one minute of classroom time does not equal one minute of virtual classroom time. Some face-to-face activities simply don’t translate or even make sense online.  Therefore, how do you know what to translate versus what to build from scratch?  And what activity options are available that will help you meet the desired learning outcomes? This interactive session will answer those questions and more.  It will equip you – both instructional designers and trainers alike – to convert classroom training to virtual training using three simple guidelines. Follow three steps to convert face-to-face classes to synchronous virtual sessions Translate classroom topics into virtual activities Design appropriate virtual class activities to achieve learning outcomes My key content take-away Don’t try and include the same number of people in an online session as you would in face to face (f2f)  session. Keep the numbers low and ASTD research (2009) shows that approximately 40 hours of total design are required for 1 hour of f2f activity. My key facilitation take-away Cindy swapped the layout of the session screen a few times. This was useful to see the flexibility of Adobe Connect, however it took a few moments to get used to the changing layout. I’m not saying that I would never change the layout during the session, but I would be very mindful as to the knock-on effect on the learner.   Tools and techniques to enhance live online sessions  Presented by Julie Wedgwood 12.30 – 13.30 GMT (UK time) Julie Wedgwood has been facilitating live online sessions for many years and is a favourite webinar presenter on the LPI Webinar Programme over the years. She is also one of the most highly rated commentators and conference presenters on the subject of interactivity in sessions – both face to face and in the online environment. Her more recent session on the availability and use of digital learning tools for use in live online sessions. Join Julie Wedgwood to explore simple yet innovative ways to enhance online session engagement and keep your delegates active. IN this highly interactive session, explore and experiment with Julie as she shares:  Julie’s “Tell me that’s You”  approach to delegate polls Mosher’s Grid Graffiti feedback Tools to aid learner concentration Webcam...

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What happens on my way to work….

Since I started work in my new Organisation, I’ve facilitated a few Lunch & Learn sessions  on the subject (unsurprisingly) of using technology to enhance and enrich what the HR team offer and how they offer it. One of my sessions included this much publicised infographic which generated a great deal of surprise and in turn, discussion – Great! Prior to facilitating the session for the second time (I facilitate each session twice to hopefully attract as many attendees as possible) I reflected on the fact that the infographic references a ‘minute'; a period of time we are all familiar with, but one that let’s be honest is a bit too ‘abstract’ to the majority of people. I then decided to approach the ‘time’ aspect with something that many people will be all-too-familiar with – the time it takes to commute to work. Here’s a video that I put together to help to illustrate just how much is taking place on the t’internet as we all travel work (and on this particular occasion during my 38 minute daily cycle commute to work) I’m not overly happy with the angle of the video, but to be honest it was a Flip camera ‘masking taped’ to my cycling to my helmet so I guess I should be happy that it didn’t fall off...

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What happened in Vegas, won’t stay in Vegas – thanks to #Devlearn

I’ve spent the best part of last week in Las Vegas attending DevLearn 2012, so as is customary, I thought I’d provide you with a run-down of the sessions I attended…

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