Resources… are you building them?

In this post I highlight a tweet from Nick Shackleton-Jones, which has got me thinking…

I also put the spotlight on you, Dear Reader…..

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Using an #Amazon wishlist as a library catalogue #showyourwork #wol

I recently engaged in a Twitter conversation with Jane Bozarth.

This blog post is the end result….

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As a sidenote…

I’m constantly banging on about ‘context being King’, so I was pleased to discover a recent addition to the Livefyre offering.

I’ve installed it on my site, so why not view this post and give it a try…

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My review of the #Encore #mlearning app

Following attendance at a recent Kineo event, I’ve been trialling a novel approach to combating the much touted ‘Forgetting Curve’ using mobile devices as the delivery mechanism…

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When it comes to DIY I know my limits.

I am very happy to leave to some work to other people

Of course the reliability of the ‘somebody else’ is always an area of risk, which is why I have been using

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Book Review – ‘Remote. Office Not Required’

Regulars Twitter followers will know the fun and games I’ve had since October of last year with my daily Peacehaven – London commutes to undertake a 6 month contract…

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