As a sidenote…

I’m constantly banging on about ‘context being King’, so I was pleased to discover a recent addition to the Livefyre offering.

I’ve installed it on my site, so why not view this post and give it a try…

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My review of the #Encore #mlearning app

Following attendance at a recent Kineo event, I’ve been trialling a novel approach to combating the much touted ‘Forgetting Curve’ using mobile devices as the delivery mechanism…

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When it comes to DIY I know my limits.

I am very happy to leave to some work to other people

Of course the reliability of the ‘somebody else’ is always an area of risk, which is why I have been using

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Book Review – ‘Remote. Office Not Required’

Regulars Twitter followers will know the fun and games I’ve had since October of last year with my daily Peacehaven – London commutes to undertake a 6 month contract…

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What’s in a name? – Your Help Needed!

I’m looking for a name for an LMS that I am in the process of delivering for the organisation I am contracting with.

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Overthinking Slideshare

It seems to be that time of the year when every platform provider under the Sun is emailing me to tell me about my 2013 statistics

How many views my slides have had
How many bowel movements I’ve made
How many tweets I’ve sent etc

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