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Bared faced lying (but in a nice way)

Since I started in my new role as a Learning Technologies Manager for Bupa International I’ve facilitated a number of ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions for my colleagues within the HR team around a number of learning technology related subjects. To date these have been: ‘elearning….. discuss’ – a 2 hour sessions which helped people to see ‘e’learning as being more than just traditional, ‘click next’ SCORM objects ‘Getting Started with Mobile Learning’ – a 2 hour session which was essentially a dry run of my DevLearn 12 session ‘Welcome Aboard’ – a 2 hour session  centering around the use of technology within the onboarding / induction process The latest ‘Welcome Aboard’ session was facilitated as an Alternate Reality Game. In order to add the context in which the game was being unknowingly played I referred to some research that I heard about at DevLearn. Only problem is that there was no such research at DevLearn – it was lie, a misdirection, a bluff, an economical use of the truth…. To help me with this bluff I created the animation below using Powtoon  which I played during the early stages of the session/game after I had prattled on about the DevLearn research ‘discovery’ It’s a cracking piece of software; cheap, intuitive, a great trial period. Why not give it a whirl and let us all know how you get...

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