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Let the numbers do the talking…

In this post I stretch my mathematical skills to the limit whilst showing just how much time is taken up with (often ineffective) compliance training.

I used this as a vehicle to encourage compliance SMEs to move away from a traditional approach to compliance training…

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A novel approach to compliance briefings

There are fewer things more boring to regular flyers than a pre-flight safety brief.

Here’s one lady who thought and acted differently – just look at the attention that her approach captures…

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‘Fixing’ compliance training at #LearningLive

I’ve been fortunate to secure a speaking slot at this years Learning Live event.

Speakers have been encouraged to promote their session via Social Media.

Here’s what I’ve created…

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From Compliance Course to Campaign Part 3 – Getting outside help

Once I’d won the SMEs over, I invited 3 x local vendors to come and meet with me to discuss my idea and to see if they would be interested in participating in the procurement process.

Here’s the start of our tender process…

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From Compliance Course to Campaign Part 2 – Getting ‘buy in’

As previously alluded to, one of my perceived areas of challenge in moving compliance training from a course to a campaign, had been the buy in from the SMEs/sponsors/Compliance team.

Here’s how I obtained it…

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