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What’s in a name?

Or to be more accurate “What’s in a job title“? You might say (and I wouldn’t neccesarily disagree with you) “not a lot, it’s what the individual ‘does‘ within that role that’s important” You might come back to me and say (and again, I may not disagree with you) “actually, a job title ‘does‘ matter, as it (rightly or wrongly) paints a picture in other people’s minds as to what you do and may often be the first thing that somebody discovers about you” Which brings me nicely to the job title...

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I’m guilty, but I am trying….

… to vanquish the ‘old-school’ information dumps and click-next type of elearning that are the bain of many of our lives. I must admit that this critical insight into best practice Instructional Design has only come about since we moved to a self-authoring tool, meaning that some of my previous attempts have ‘ahem‘ been very….. traditional I was still quite proud of my previous attempts as it was the first time that I had ever created such a piece of content, however the screencast below shows my very first piece of elearning concerning┬áthe use of Display...

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