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LF ‘un’conference 16/09/10

As mentioned in a previous Blog post I have been dabbling with the idea of arranging an unconference for a number of internal Learning Facilitators on the subject of ‘Using Technology to Enhance Learning’. Well after months of planning (read flapping!) it finally happened, want to find out what happened?…. read on… I decided right from the outset to showcase the various technologies and platforms that are available to enhance learning activities, so what better place to start than creating a digital set of Joining Instructions as opposed to our traditional paper-based options, feedback to this approach was encouraging and I am hoping that this will generate some interest from the Learning Facilitators that attended. The day itself kicked off with everybody arriving between 0800-0830hrs, they were greeted by a Captain Caveman poster (thanks Sam ;-)) which invited them to park any ‘negative’ thoughts that they had about using technology to enhance learning before the unconference started. It was interesting to read everybodys views and in particular to gain an insight into some of the concerns of people for whom using these technologies is ‘new ground’ – all in all a very simple exercise, but an extremely valuable one. The unconference kicked off with a keynote address from Alison Hattersley from The Success Factory on the subject of the ‘New World‘ using a piece of tech that everybody seemed impressed with which was PaperShow. There were a number of great soundbites from this keynote but what really struck home for me was the statement “if you always do what you’ve always done, you WONT EVEN get what you’ve always got” – the justification behind this twist on a well-known phrase, is that due to the pace of change in the ‘New World’, doing business as usual means that you will just get left behind……… There were some (in my opinion) strong challenges to the use of technology during this keynote that I feel led us down a path that we didn’t really need to go down i.e. arguing that emails are bad because they distract you from your work… aren’t emails in themselves work? And if they aren’t then ignore them… anyways we were soon back on track and the floor was handed over ┬áto little old me! I conducted a number of small icebreakers designed to not only allow attendees to introduce themselves but also to get some hands on with Learning Technologies straight away. Everybody participated in creating an iPadio podcast (which I subsequently lost, due to my mobile phone losing the signal during upload – (note to self: use the traditional ‘dial-up’ method next time!!!) Everybody then got the opportunity to look at some everyday and some not-so everyday items of hardware that could be used for learning activities; they were then asked to describe how that particular item could be used to enhance the delivery of learning events within their specific subject areas, this is what they had to say. What was really encouraging from my perspective were the ideas that were being generated, I can only hope that the Learning Facilitators get the opportunity to put them into practice. We then moved on to the subject of Twitter, which I know was of specific interest to many of the facilitators present. As this was an unconference and I was committed to taking a social constructionist approach to the day, I broke the attendees into 2 x groups and allowed them approx 20-30 minutes of online Twitter research time prior asking them to present their findings back to the group. I particularly like this approach...

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At last! A fruitful meeting!

Regular readers will be aware that I recently met with RSC North West. I’ve recently opened an ipadio account, so here is my reflection on the meeting...

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