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Going Mobile in the Public & Private sector – Live Blog from #LT12UK

Keith Quinn – Scottish Social Services Council Created distance learning course utilising traditional workbook with AuR Used PSP and second sight TEL approach more effective than training centred approach (is this due to the novelty value?) Are the learners at the stage yet of creating Content themselves? Ros Sutton- Price Waterhouse Coopers PWC saw senior management ‘buy in’ to mobile once they had seen their own children using mobile technologies Designing for mobile devices, forced them to simplify their design to great...

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Engaging The Unwilling Learner – Live Blog from #LT12UK

Mark Berthelemy – Capita Poor outward comms from ‘us’ Poor intrinsic motivation to listen to the poor comms (from the learner) We put too many infrastructure blockers in place! Possible solutions to that, may be? Leave blockers in place and put support in place use simpler systems Push people towards intrinsic motivation Don’t we want learners to pull content down because they want to? We may be good at designing the intervention, but we aren’t so good at communicating around the intervention. We should take a leaf out of our Comms department book, maybe even merge the departments, after all aren’t we trying to achieve the same goal? Management should set: expectations WIIFM permission And set the vision that learners are expected to identify and source their learning opportunities Gareth Williams Cambian Group and Information Transfer Branded their training using the word ‘achieve‘ Poster campaigns Merchandise Brochure for all sites Promos movie Roadshow presentations Article in company newsletters Regular board reports Here are the results so...

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Desperately seeking….

…. (nope, not Susan) Innovation That’s my aim for Learning Technologies this year. I’ve spent the last couple of years attending/speaking at the Learning Technologies conference but if I’m honest, I haven’t really taken the time to dig into the exhibition as much as I should have done. This year is different. This year I will actually be participating in the exhibition myself, so armed with that physical immersion and the fact that I don’t have access to the conference upstairs, I will be spending some quality time looking around the various exhibitors in the hope of spotting something ‘innovative’. So how do I define ‘innovative’? Well to be honest I haven’t got a definition, but I have got a gut feeling. A few weeks ago, I was engaged in an exchange of tweets within my network of tweets around what innovation was and it became quite clear that people had very or subtly different definitions – and why wouldn’t they? The sending of automated text messaging to learners ahead of an event may in some people’s eyes seem innovative, however to others it’s ‘old school’. Many of us may see Augmented Reality as innovative, but military aircrew, in particular pilots, will tell you that Head Up Displays (HUDs) have been augmenting their reality for many, many years. I’m definitely more open this year to seeing something out of the ordinary and a few vendors have already made some interesting statements about what they will be unveiling; but I’ll wait until I’ve seen it for myself before giving my post-event thoughts within this blog. What I’m pretty sure of is that another rapid authoring tool, LMS or ingeniously ‘tarted up’ next button won’t be getting a mention. If you’re heading down to the conference, what are you looking for? Tried and tested solutions? A ‘safe’ proposition for your budget holder? Tarted up ‘click next’ stuff? Or something a little different……. Image...

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