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Podcast #13: A bit of banter with some brand-new bloggers

Craig is joined by podcast panel regular Kate Graham along with some new voices which belong to Mandy Randall-Gavin and Niall Gavin. Today they are chatting about their recent journey into the…… “Blogosphere”! Audio MP3Audio MP3 Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. Shownotes Mandy’s blog Kate’s blog Niall’s blog Music Source...

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It’s amazing who you bump into on the train….

Regular readers will know that I ‘moonlight’ as the Social Media correspondent for an industry-wide communications channel called Nuclear TV. (if the tax-man is reading this, then it’s as part of my day-job, so calm down!) I recently had the Pullizter-worthy idea to conduct a number of TV reports on the use of Learning Technologies and Social Media within other industries, businesses and corporates. I have to admit that my intentions were a little selfish as I was hoping to demonstrate to my own industry the benefits of adopting, engaging and encouraging the use of such tools. In order to...

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