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Podcast #7: What does good elearning look like?

Craig chats with Fiona Leteney on the subject of the new Media City e-learning showcase that she has implemented. The aim of the showcase is the pursuit of excellence, and the desire to inspire and share best practice so that e-learning can always be viewed in a positive light. Download podcast in mp3 format: What does good elearning look like? Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. Shownotes Fionas website Media City eLearning showcase Music Source....

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eLN Showcase

Yesterday I attended the eLearning Network showcase in London. This hadn’t been on my agenda, however earlier in the week I received an email from @barrysampson who kindly invited me to attend the showcase as a guest of Onlignment. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I found myself sitting at my local train station at 0641hrs waiting for my train (this wasn’t a problem as I my 2 year old son woke me up at 0400hrs, because he was concerned that I might miss the Choo Choo!) My HTC Desire coupled with Google Maps saw me make the transit from Oxford Circus to the venue very quickly (it always pays to get an early seat, next to the plug sockets ideally!). The day kicked off with a demo of the Optivote handheld voting system, followed by a demo of a Content Management System called Moose, the morning was wrapped up by an oversight of 2nd Life. If I have to be honest all of these sessions were very dry and uninspiring. It seemed such a shame that the early spot in the morning was taken up by such uninspiring sessions. @philipgreen, @cliveshepherd and @barrysampson then entered into a Pecha Kucha head-to-head to determine which (un)lucky soul was then entered into the eLN Pecha Kucha final later in the year. Phil’s & Barry’s Pecha Kucha sessions can be seen below (sorry Clive I forgot that I was meant to recording!) [youtube=] There was a great pre-lunch Q&A session facilitated by @robhubbard in which attendees pitched their e-learning related questions and problems via Twitter and then received advice back via Twitter. Rob ensured that there was still f2f dialogue in order to probe deeper into each issue – Good session Rob, well done. Of particular interest in the afternoon was a session by Edvantage which centred around the ability of their CourseBuilder tool to create interactive PDFs, given that my organisations Monthly Brief is disseminated via PDF, this is something that I intend to look into upon my return to work. For me, the physical networking  of these events is always a MASSIVE advantage to me as it allows me to meet those people who I have networked with throughout the year as well as making new contacts. Aside from the people I have already mentioned I have enjoyed spending the day with: @kategraham23 @bbetts @juliewedgwood As always I like to wrap my Blog up with a small action plan to help me implement any learnings back into the workplace. Pass ATA’s contact details on to NSAN. Investigate the interactive PDFs option Arrange storyboarding session with Julie Wedgwood for e-learning...

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