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So I’ve spent a week concentrating on G+ now and I’ve made a few observations. It’s much quieter in there than it is in Twitter. I’m not saying that’s a good or bad thing, it’s just quieter. I know that I can dip into G+ whenever I want and see some meaningful, useful (to me) threads of conversation without feeling like I’m going to be swept away by the Twitter Tidal Wave. Of course, that also has its downside including the fact that the vast majority of my network aren’t using G+, so I’m not able to keep track as to what they are up to...

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Twitter to G+

So it’s been a whole weekend since I decided to step away from Twitter and concentrate my energies in G+. As with most reflective exercises, the first weekend has presented me with nothing that I didn’t already know, but it has brought them to the forefront of my mind.       Firstly, I feel that I have used Twitter for 3 purposes to date: The posting of links to my own online content The discussion of professional areas of interest Mindless, banal waffle (which rather interestingly was one of the contributing factors to me ‘going off’ Twitter –...

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A change is as good as a rest

For some time now, I have been reflecting upon my use of Twitter. Over recent months I have found my Twitter stream to contain little, if anything of true value to me personally. It’s either been stuff that I ‘get‘, stuff that I’m not interested in or RTs of other peoples stuff (again, that I already ‘get’ or that I’m not interested in). I’ve also noticed that the way I have been accessing Twitter has most definetly fallen into the ‘from a mobile device’ category – even when I’m sat in front of a PC! (I guess that as I...

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Happy Twitterversary to me!!!

I am typing this Blog from a hotel room in London where I am staying during my attendance at the Learning Technologies conference 2011; I tell you this because it is entirely relative to my Twitter history….. I had heard of Twitter prior to attending LT10 but admit to having dismissed it as a celebrity ‘fad’, LT10 was the catalyst that I needed to pop my Twitter cherry! So here I am 12 months later with over 2600 tweets under my belt, over 200 followers and following over 1oo other people. Everyone one of these people is in some way shape or form involved in L&D,...

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LF ‘un’conference 16/09/10

As mentioned in a previous Blog post I have been dabbling with the idea of arranging an unconference for a number of internal Learning Facilitators on the subject of ‘Using Technology to Enhance Learning’. Well after months of planning (read flapping!) it finally happened, want to find out what happened?…. read on… I decided right from the outset to showcase the various technologies and platforms that are available to enhance learning activities, so what better place to start than creating a digital set of Joining Instructions as opposed to our traditional paper-based...

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